Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Oh, Zippie. You are adorable. You are my first to be fashion conscience. It cracks us up. Mostly, you imitate your Aunt Hilary. We have found on several occasions when we've seen Hilary you to go immediately into your room and try with all your four year old, two drawer full of clothes might to mimic her outfit. It really is funny. Every morning after your shower, you request lip "glosh" and a necklace. The other day you requested another afternoon shower. You put on work out attire due to a Hilary encounter and headed straight for the bathroom to do your hair in a side part ponytail. I know this will probably drive me bonkers when you are a teen so I hope that I remember that your love of fashion started at a young age. I had a friend once who had a daughter with similar interests. She fought her and fought her on it until she realized that going to the mall with her and picking out clothes was one of the few ways into her teenage heart. I hope to remember that. You are a treasure to us. Nobody plays like you. I watched you a good ten minutes before taking your picture. I know playing store is serious business to you so I didn't want to disrupt.

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