Friday, July 20, 2012

3 months old

You are loved. You started rolling both ways the same week. This always disrupts sleeping for a while as you feel the need to practice your new trick.
You talk up a storm and referred to as a hoot owl by the kids.
You are a gentle little soul who appreciates anybody who will just sit and hold you.


  1. Lindsay! I got a whim to start looking up Junior Miss friends (you know you were my girl;) on Facebook and I found your blog. I have been reading it the last 2 days and it has made me laugh, cry, reflect and appreciate so much. Now I know I was meant to find this-you-because I was needing this change in perspective. I know it may be hard but I would love to keep in touch with you so if you get a chance (or are wondering "who the heck is this?"), look me up here!/jill.immenschuhbell
    If not, just know that you helped this Mama appreciate her 3 gifts more than I did a few days when I was ready to lock myself in the bathroom with a bottle of wine:) Thank you, friend. From the bottom/church pants of my heart.