Friday, July 20, 2012


I forgot how fun it was to pick out backpacks for school. Due to homeschooling, we haven't needed them until this year so I surprised the girls one night and took them to Target to pick out their choice pack. Fun-Zee.
I remember my mother buying me a blue backpack from Land's End. Well, I knew it was so cool in 4th grade.
I love when they are little how the backpack fits their whole back self.
What is it about school supplies that are so enticing? I love buying them each year. I remember how I loved getting my school supply list each year and going to our local ALCO or TG&Y store to purchase all the goods. It was so exciting. I remember picking out a new school box each year. My mom would always check our old one to see if it could be used again. I may or may not have tampered with my old one so I could get a new one. I remember wanting a Trapper Keeper so bad.
I was just telling the kids tonight that I use to bring my lunch to school. Dominic said I was like the Pioneers. My mom made us fresh bread, three slices of cheese, apples, and carrots. Once a week, we got a special Little Debbie's treat and on Fridays we could buy a chocolate milk.
Sometimes during mothering them, I remind myself that this is their first time to do certain things so don't water your life experience on their first time experience. It is important to them.


  1. I've got to remember that one...don't water my life experience on their first time experience. Cute.


  2. Fun Fun. Just did this with my daughter as she is getting ready to go to Catholic School for Kindergarten! Are they going to school this year?