Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Struggle with Truman's Hair

First things first. I know I've mentioned that we are hyper-nicknamers. Your nickname can change daily, hourly, or monthly. To clear the air, her current nicknames are Truman and/or George De-Poe-tay. Onward. Truman's hair has been a source of great difficulty. We (my sisters and I) have gone to great lengths to assist her locks. For some odd reason, my girls have manes of hair that are so fun to style. But George, she struggles. It doesn't help that she falls right below her sister, Vianney. The one whose hair can't get any blonder, curlier, or adorable.
I told my sister it is crazy that 16 months separates them in age and I am far from believing that in that amount of time lapse her stick straight hair is going to catch up and suddenly curl. She doesn't help herself in her anti-hair protests and IF we happen to style it she either does one of three things. 1. She pumps a handful amount of hand soap into her hand and uses it as "gel." She constantly smells like Dial hand soap. 2. She finds a bottle of hairspray and hides while holding the nozzle down directly to her head. By the time I find her, she has a good 5-minute jump start on that nozzle spray. Style=ruined. 3. She plain won't allow any apparatus in her hair and quickly pulls it out usually taking 2 lbs of hair with it.
George will allow pigs for about an hour. Any time after that, she sports 1/2 a pig accompanied by Dial Soap and Suave hairspray directly applied to the back of the head.
Anyway, she is adorable and we enjoy her wild ways.


  1. Just fyi I almost died reading that, I was laughing so hard. I have two boys so these battles are far from my ken, but I do know that my little one, who is about "George"'s age, is obsessed with "brushing" his teeth: i.e., running water over a toothbrush in the sink until I start seriously worrying about our upcoming water bill. I thank my lucky stars I don't have to worry about curling HIS hair.

  2. Something just occurred to me on the playground, as I was thinking about little George's hair: if she has fine, straight hair like me, it becomes all about two things: short hair and product. I spent way too much time in college curling my hair, trying to get it to be wavy and thick like all the other girls, to no avail. I'm way happier now with my bob, and wish I'd figured it out sooner. Lightweight products also go a long way to holding in my hairstyle and adding some "poof."

  3. I was enjoying your new blog picture of all 7 BEYOND GORGEOUS Boever children and thinking "how does she do it?" How does Lindsay always have 7 small children dressed to match, hair done, and looking like the cover of Parents magazine? I have two girls who both have very strong opinions on their personal style - and those opinions would be hard pressed to coordinate in any fashion. My 7 year old also has some strange thoughts on hair and if it's not her idea, it's not happening. So we may have a braid on one side and 3 piggies on the other. Or a piggie at the front of the forehead (fabulous plan) and any combination of braids and pigs in the back. I try to say, "this may look a little odd, Jos. Maybe we should..." "NO! THAT is what I want! It's pretty!" Well...alrighty then. After reading your struggle with Truman's hair I took a little comfort in knowing maybe, just maybe, I wasn't alone. Maybe Lindsay catches really great photos and seconds later small heads of hair are askew and a matching outfit is off in favor of snow boots, a swimsuit and a super hero's cape. Please say it's so. :-)