Saturday, July 7, 2012

Paul and Anne's Wedding Weekend

John's sister, Anne, got married today to a wonderful man named Paul. We have been looking forward to this wedding all year.
Dominic had the time of his life with all his boy cousins and close friends. I watched them on the dance floor for hours laugh and dancing. It is a great delight to a parent's heart to watch their child have such good times with great people.
We actually left the turkey home with my sister. She had fun taking pictures, but enjoyed the day at home during the wedding and reception.
Vianney and her beautiful blond hair. I stared at her. She is as sweet as her hair is beautiful. What a precious child.
Our good friend, Fr. Matt McNeely. He and John have been friends since college. They studied for med school together everyday. He even dated my college roommate before going to the seminary. His father is our obstetrician. What a good and holy priest he is!