Thursday, August 23, 2012

Saltdogs Baseball 2012

We took the kids to see the Saltdogs play Saturday night. It was chilly enough that everybody wore pants and sweaters.
FAT Hobbit.
Taking a bunch of little kids to anything is like bringing a bunch of frisky puppies. They had a blast especially watching the AMAZING fireworks show at the end.
I thought this was cute of Rose kissing Clairvaux. She was born motherly.Lillie watched the entire game pretty much motionless.  She was enamored by the players.  A friend gave us tickets a couple days later to go again and she couldn't wait.  She kept her eye on a certain player, Stephen Holdren.  I overheard her and Dominic talking later that day about who was better Stephen Holdren or Mike Provencher. 

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