Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 big months

What I will remember of your babyhood is your darling smile. It is my favorite "little kid" smile. The whole face smile. The smiling eyes smile. I love that your eyes smile. I love that you have it.

I am not quite sure a baby could get more love. I am constantly peeling the other kids off of you. "Please don't smother the baby." The minute mass is over, I have four little bodies hanging on me all vying for your affection.
Five months have flown by. You are rolling everywhere. I put you to bed the other night and you whipped your head around toward the door and watched me walk away. How could I leave you there just looking at me with your cute eyes?
I love how you sit in your bouncer trying to catch the eye of anybody walking through the room. I am sure you are going to fly out by how fast you flap your arms and legs.
Jolly Ole' St. Nicholas.


  1. Linds I miss her! I'm coming over soon

    Uncle Dom

  2. What a cutie! I think she knows how loved she is. :)