Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beans Boever

Beans. You are the first to make her laugh. You always say, "I think she likes me best."
Watching you grow and come out of your former freak out at strangers phase (Birth until last year), has been hysterical. If you only knew the comments your father and I have for you. I think it is comical because of you trying to fit in with your older sisters and their friends. I have overheard you several times laughing a "little too much" at one of their friends jokes or stories. It makes my stomach hurt because it is so cute and I just want to freeze you.
You are a quiet one though. Always watching, not usually giving your opinion, but I always know you are taking it all in. It is hard to get you to talk if you don't want to.
These little Lego creations are one of your specialties. In looking through our pictures, I found so many of these pictures of you on different days. You greet me most mornings with a picture you've colored for me. I have kept them all.
This is another one of your favorites. Arranging "guys" as you call it. Vianney is usually your helper and willingly follows directions. Clairvaux is trying hard, but usually steals and runs away wreaking all sorts of havoc. I know she loves the "Saw-dy (sorry) Zellie" part otherwise she wouldn't do it so often.
You are learning to read this year along with Vianney and we humor ourselves by letting Clairvaux in on the action.
You still do your hair several times a day or an hour for that matter. You apply lip glosh at the top of most hours...just in case...I guess. You want so much to fit into Rose's clothes. Most days, you wear a white shirt with very short black skirt which you always tell me "See Mom. It is modest." (As you pull down the front.)  You are the first one in the shower most mornings.  You come out and say "I feel fresh!"

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