Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is she OURS????

I really do wonder. She is a vision with a darling personality to match. I vividly remember before I was even married walking through Von Maur. I remember seeing a little girl with beautiful blonde curly hair and thought how much fun it would to have a little girl with THAT hair. God really gave me her.

The best part is that she wakes up looking lovely. I love when she comes out and her blonde hair is every where.
She picks out her attire, but mostly dons a princess dress, swimsuit or tutu.
Oh Vianney. Everybody needs one of you. When I am old and gray, I will remember you with utter fondness. You are a parents delight. Your father and I just shake our heads at you and usually mutter "She is just precious."
I love how you call Clairvaux "Be-Po-Tae." You are so tolerant of her terroristic ways. She pulls your hair for fun and runs away. She knocks all your guys over and runs away. You usually are so kind to her.
We read Mary Engelbreit's Mother Goose everyday together at nap time. I always say, "Vianney, let's go take a nap." You always say, "No, I want to stay up." Then I say, "I will read you Mother Goose." You always jump up, grab my hand, and chatter down the hall asking me "Where did we leave off?" The first picture in the book is of Mother Goose riding a gander. You always ask, "Is that the Gander?"
I love that at 3-years-old you have a baby voice for little Damaris.
Each meal is still very important for you and usually you request, "A cup of milk, please."
I ask you most days if you are going to run in the track meet next year. Of course, you frown and tell me your stomach hurts or your legs WILL hurt or the gun WILL hurt your ears.


  1. Her with all those wild curls in the white sparkly dress! LOVE.

    And this makes me all the more sentimental tonight because, for whatever reason (maybe because they're not too far off in age), she makes me think of my Meg. And all day today Meg and I have been talking about how today is the last day she'll ever be three. Tomorrow she'll be four, and we can't back it up, and she is SO EXCITED. (That's what she keeps saying. Over and over. "I'm SO EXCITED!!!") I'm not actually the nostalgic, sentimental type. You know me. But she's killing me with all this readiness to move on.

    Anywho... I love all your pictures. I should take more pictures.

  2. HA! I laughed out loud at Clare's terroristic tendancies. It's Christiana and Avila dynamic these days. Great post - we love Vianney here too!! She's lovely.

  3. ohh Cindy Brady :) She's grown up so much in such short time!! So beautiful.

  4. oh, she is so precious!!

    Maybe I can send Julia to take precious lessons from her next summer?!