Monday, September 24, 2012

Marks of Childhood-Beater Face

Do tell me why this would be fun? What changes in our lives that licking the beaters, getting chocolate all over your face, and not caring about it happens? I remember LOVING to get the beater. I would run and hide outside to keep it away from my siblings.
A couple weeks ago, I sent the older girls outside to enjoy the beaters. Clairvaux must have been observing with her two-year-old thought process. Beaters=Outside. So, I was making Mashed Potatoes the other day and gave it to Clairvaux to lick. She looked at me and questioned, "Outside?" She was asking me if I wanted her to go outside. You know, that is what you do if you get a beater.
The older kids were out for the afternoon so it was just her and I making a French Silk Pie for John. I gave her the bowl to lick. 
By the end of it, she was BITING the BOWL.

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