Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Trouble with SHOES

me to Zellie: "Go get a pair of shoes on before we go on a walk."
This is what she came up with...Vianney's rain boot and John's climbing shoe. 

SHOES drive me crazy. I love them, but I always forget what trouble they cause. My friends and I have laughed at the bad mix of shoes and children. First, Finding a matching pair is heroic most days. Now, take that x7. Souls are flying out of purgatory. Then, there is the always fun removal of shoes by the 2-year-old either in the car, at the store, in mass, or wherever we are so I again start the search of "Where are Clair's shoes?" Next up, the dreaded fall/winter ensemble. SOCKS. WE have socks all over the place. I have tried everything to tame this beast. Socks multiply like rabbits.
Last but not least, It is ALWAYS fun to get to a destination only to have a child say sheepishly from the back seat, "Mom, I don't have any shoes!" Even amidst my constant reminders when walking out the door EVERY time, "Go potty and get your shoes on, please!"
I know, I know I could make things so much easier with everybody having one pair of shoes, but I can't do it. I can't do Dora blinking shoes with their cute mass dress. Can't do it.
What would Audrey think???

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