Thursday, October 11, 2012

6 Months Old

Half of a whole year. You are the center of our whole family. I walk out each morning with you and every morning your siblings go crazy like they've never seen you before. I still have people waiting in-line to hold you.
We gave you avocado for the first time today. You weren't sure what to think.
You aren't a complete cling on as much as your other siblings have been. You do love me to hold you, but you will tolerate others for a moment.
You will be crawling any day now. You love to rock back and forth.
This past month, we moved you out of our room and into your own. You have been sleeping so much better. It is always a hard transition for me, but you were waking up every other minute so it needed to happen. I wish you were back in our room. If you promise to sleep good, I might change my mind. You are down to two naps a day and are usually ready for bed by 7:30.
We've started teaching you baby signs and I know I've seen the sign for "nurse." We always love how you will be fussing and then we will sing "Way up High in the Apple Tree" and you immediately stop and stare.


  1. oh my goodness christmas can't come fast enough. - Mammy

  2. Who is she? And her hair, adorable.


  3. wow... 7 days and counting :)

  4. Linds, I'm in love! I stared at the pics for so long...she looks a lot like John's baby pics, I think. What a sweetheart! Sitting like a big girl in the bumbo!