Friday, October 5, 2012

Parish Fall Picnic 2012

Aren't the months just skipping along? I am saying more and more to myself, "Didn't we just do this last month?" Why are Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just around the corner? Our parish hosts a simple fall picnic every year, but the kids work up enough excitement to match a Disneyland trip equivalent. Probably the #1 reason I love children the most. They know how to appreciate the ordinary. I have intense memories of my grade school days and the annual carnival our school hosted. Man. To do that again. We would sell booklets of tickets. The person who sold the most won a prize yet I can't remember the prize. Jeff Hake was the guy to beat each year because rumor was his grandma lived in Tipton, KS and sold some of the booklets to her friends. I had no concept of strategy back then, but my memory is vast. My friends tease me about my memories. Heck, I think I remember my own birth.
Last year at this time, I was just pregnant with Damaris and was sicker than a dog. Now, she is in our arms. I told my mother the other day when she inquired about Damaris "She is darling. She's the best thing we've ever done!" I do say that every time, but I am always intrigued that every baby is just as special to us as the last.
Clairvaux frequented each novelty stand multiple times. My favorite was the face painting booth. Her four older sisters went before her so she was able to observe and figure out her request. Vianney picked a star so I was sure she would copy.  Oh no.  She jumped up on the chair and asked me to hold her hand.  This was ridiculous as she was only doing this because when I took her to get her hair styled at the salon a couple weeks ago, she began Phase 1 of freak out.  I whispered in her ear that I would hold her hand while the lady cut her hair.  She complied while playing the "game."  So, when she jumped up in the chair she didn't want to act toooo eager so she said, "Hold my hand."  Right.  Then, the facial artist turned to me and said, "A star?  Like Vianney's?"  She quickly responded "No star, buh-fly."  Then, she continued on with her stare at the ground game while holding my hand.
The grounds were blocked off so I was able to watch her mosey around.
Vianney hung out at the lemonade stand most of the evening.
Sweet Rose. I saw you helping somebody else and giving your seat during musical chairs. Why are you always so consistent even during a fun game? I always tell you that God sees your generous heart.
I would bet a lot of money that nobody plays festival games as fast as Lillie. I think she bi-locates as I saw her everywhere all the time. These nights are her favorite. Running, candy, playing, friends, food.
Dom, I didn't forget you. You were playing football most of the night with your buddies. I saw the fun you were having with your flushed red face and electric smile and wave across the parking lot to me. I saw you.

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