Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boever's 4th movement

John cracked me up the other day.  First, he took Clairvaux into the bathroom to change the obvious unwanted room freshener.  While in the bathroom, Damaris needed assistance of the same kind so he handed me a changed Clairvaux so I could dress her and I handed him a dirty Damaris.  As only nature would have it, I had to help somebody at the table doing school work so the dressing of Clairvaux was put off for a minute or sixteen.  In those minutes, she actually emptied the contents of her large intestine AGAIN.  So, John handed me a changed Damaris to get dressed and I handed him Clairvaux Part 2.  We must not forget bottoms #3 & #4 that don't wear diapers BUT still need assistance in the wiping department.

 After Clairvaux struck again, John proclaimed "I am just going to stay in here today in case anybody needs me as it seems I can't get out of here."

The following day.  John leaves for work.  The Pooper sisters strike AGAIN.  It was record pace.  I had to call him and give him a play by play.  I left the following on his voice mail.

"Today, we have had a lively day in the Poop Department.  Here are your morning results:

1st Place goes to Zellie for Amount.
2nd Place goes to Clairvaux for frequency
3rd Place to Vianney for Content
4th Place to Damaris for Consistency.  One is nicely greeted each morning by a very smiley and smelly baby that is immediately placed properly in her little tub for a cleanse.

Talk to you soon.  Love.  This is almost unbelievable."

I don't need a nanny, house keeper, or cook. I need a bathroom attendant. Perfect.