Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Baptism of Little Damaris

I forgot to publish this way back in May when Damaris was baptized. She was baptized on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at St. Teresa's Catholic Church by Msgr. Joseph Nemec.
Amongst the many things you can learn from Maria, I hope you imitate her prayer life most. She is dedicated without waiver to the growth of her personal spiritual life. She is diligent and works to maintain it.
Andrew and Maria will be perfect godparents. They both have a love of the Catholic faith, a deep desire for family life, and a love of life. They will be great example even without saying a word to you. Just watch them.
Sometimes, I just know Andrew and I were meant to be twins. We think a like on everything. We react to life exactly the same. We laugh at the same things and cry at the same things. We have always been close. Before he was married, he lived in Texas. He use to call me everyday on his way home from work. Everyday. We would talk the whole one hour commute home. Everyday. He would drive up to Oklahoma to visit John and I often. The drive is 8 hours. He would call me when he left and often we would almost talk his whole drive to our house. I know he is a gift to me and love and value our friendship. Now, I call him every Monday on my way to bible study.
Your full name is Damaris Catherine Mary. Your paternal grandmother's name is Catherine. We thought it was so fitting for you to have both of their names.
Your first name is my mother's first name. She always told me she hated her name, but loved anybody elses name if it was Damaris. Damaris means Of-Mary. Your name can also be found in the Bible (Acts 17:34). We always knew we would have a Damaris.

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