Sunday, October 21, 2012

Uncle Dom the Bomb

My "little" brother Dominic receives celebrity status when he walks through our front door.  We have always been "one."  We have our traditions.  Every baby I have, he visits me at the hospital bringing me my favorite food and drink.  Last time, he stayed for several hours while we figure life out together.  Once when he was a little dude, he sent me $100.00 for my birthday.  He was probably only 9 or 10 years old so that had to be all your dollars. 
Yep, he might look like a beef cake, but his baby skills are spectacular. He babysat all the kids by himself, scrubbed my kitchen floor and counters, and put a shine on my sink better than when it was new.  Dom, you know I love you.
The greeters.  He is ambushed upon arrival.  I usually have to go out to bring him in as they corner him. 
Even Truman loves him.  That is saying a lot. 

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