Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Mamas

When I notice scenes like these, I always mentally remind myself to watch my habits and words because THEY ARE ALWAYS watching even the smallest of details.
When I am teaching at the table, I always bring the bouncy seat with me so I am able to set Damaris down  so I can use both my hands to teach a concept. I move the chair around the table. Vianney must have observed this as her and Clairvaux were playing babies and I called them to lunch. She walked over to the table and paused, momentarily perplexed as what to do with her baby. I watched her drag over the bouncy chair, set the baby in the seat, say "There", then climb up into her seat to eat. Once again, I realized how important my example is to them. They will react to life's situations by the example we set by our reactions to those situations.


  1. Just wanted to tell you that I usually read your blog on Google Reader, so I have no idea if your header picture is new - but I love it. Y'all look like the Von Trapps! :)

  2. Your 'little mommies' are adorable.