Monday, October 15, 2012

Preemptive Nursing face

She does this face along with a rapid fire candle blowing out sound when she wants to nurse. It is a hoot. I have had several of my friends tell me of funny habits their babies have before nursing. My friend Eva's little boy Austin would giggle before and during his entire feeding. It was almost unbelievable. My mom had a friend whose little boy twisted the mole on her chin.
I do find this rather adorable, but it does become rather loud and distracting especially in public. I need to get an audio so I can remember how cute it is.


  1. If I'm holding my little man when he wants to nurse, he starts sucking on my chin. :)

  2. my little man's eyes almost cross and his mouth opens real wide. too cute :)

  3. I've had a "heavy breather" and a "giggler" as well. It's most distracting at Mass, but also elicits understanding (and humored!) glances from other Mamas!

    SO happy to have been shown a link to your blog by a friend! :)