Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reading to Colby the Burmese Mountain Dog

Dominic, Lillie, and Rose began a 6 week program at our local library called "READ." I was on-line a few weeks ago and saw the advertisement allowing children to come and read to Colby. I knew this was perfect for Lillie as she LOVES animals. I was grateful I was able to snatch the last three available reading slots for them. 

Sometimes, I think we should live at the library and then drive home on occasion. I love that the librarian knows our name and all the kids names.


  1. I have to admit that when I saw your title, I thought that might be another one of your nicknames for the kids! ;) Andrew's class has a dog that comes to school every Monday for them to read to them. He LOVES it, too! I imagine that it's especially thrilling for kids who don't have pets at home. What a fun idea!

  2. everytime....Clair; here at the end acting like she is tutoring Lillie.


  3. ahh, thats the kind of dog we have! And our kid read to him! they are such gentle pups!