Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Huckleberry Fatch

Nick names are the name of my game. I should have majored in nicknaming. Onward. Damaris, after a series of many names that don't make any sense or at times aren't even words, has settled nicely into being called Fatch, Fraulein (Sound of Music), or Frau or Bigger Dude than Anyone Knows. Yes, I call her phrases. Usually Frau, though. Anyway, after our morning bath I brought her around the corner dressed as below and squeals ignited and Dominic said, "Huckleberry Fatch." Lillie says, "Farmer Fatch." Oh NO. They have inherited my weirdness gene.
I am a bit jealous of myself for being the owner of the above pictured baby.
 Not much beats a good side profile pic of a droopy cheeked baby.
Donald Trump with a hair bow.
Command Station