Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saint Nicholas Day

Some things you just have to get out of the way before anything else. We went to the children's museum this morning and one of the highlights was the hospital play area. Truman climbed into the isolate and laid down. The placard said, "Put your baby's name." So I did. Do you see what I see?
14 shoes
I've never made a brunch in the morning, but have always wanted to. I love the Dollar Tree. You can find the cheapest, yet appropriate decorations that kids flip over. They were so surprised when they woke up. We made a candy cane cherry coffee cake and egg bake.
Since St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children we just had to visit the Lincoln Children's Museum. We pretty much were the only ones there. We went from11-2:30 and had most of the building to ourselves.

Our St. Nicholas gifts.  Vianney called them Nap slippers and Zellie (who has been dying for a pair) called them house shoes.  She squealed for about an hour.
How did I get two silky blonds? 
A chair that matches Truman's personality.
Zellie comes out after spending much time dressing up and says, "Don't worry Mom. It's still me (and lifts up her veil)." 
Rose was all in a dither as her sisters didn't quite see eye to eye on the play she was directing.  It was all so perfect in her artistic mind.  I remember this being frustrating when I was little.  The point of this picture is Truman in the background.  I look over to see Truman jamming away.  The only sad point was that no music was to be heard in the building. Darn.
Picture #1 Truman painted her own face at her favorite station.
Picture #2 a mere 2 seconds later
We read the following books this evening:
We watched this and drank our St. Nicholas hot chocolate.
Truman joined her father in a little yoga to wrap up the night.  This is Truman's first time doing P90X and John's second.
We buy a nutcracker each year and we name each one after a family member.  The year my dad died I found a German nutcracker.  The year John's Irish grandfather died I found the Irish gent second from left.  My parents started the tradition for Dominic's first Christmas of buying their stocking from Land's End.  I love that she has picked each one out.  She puts thought into each one.  Lillie's (the dove) came at the time she was so sick.  Rose's (the sweet angel holding a lamb) couldn't have been more perfect for her one month old perfect baby self.


  1. Lindsay, You are such a wonderful mother. I am so inspired by you every time I read about your family and your mothering style. You are all beautiful, and I wish I could know you in person and gain from your endless amounts of wisdom. I relish your blog posts as I am in the midst of baby growing and raising, and look up to you greatly, even though we've never met. I'm grateful for the gift of your writing and you sharing your traditions, memories, and skills. Thank you.

  2. lovely feast day celebrations. Deo gratias!!!

  3. It was hard to focus on all the loveliness of your St. Nick celebration after that hilarious first photo. Dying over it.

  4. Hi there!
    I can't remember how I found your blog, but your children are stunning! And the day seemed so fun :) Thanks for some good ideas as mine get older!

  5. Your little ones are just darling. I'm saving this post - great inspiration for when I'm planning my own St. Nick's Day celebrations someday. I especially love your smart use of the dollar store!