Tuesday, January 22, 2013

9 BIG months

She spends 3/4 of her waking hours underneath the table eating leftovers, Legos, or any other unidentified foreign objects. I am constantly fishing paraphernalia out of her mouth. She fights me like Legos actually taste good to her.
Fat little legs..my favorite
She has enjoyed our dollhouse.
You are crawling, cruising, standing, and in to everything. You played about the house all day today. I have always enjoyed a chubby baby deep into play. You know I watch you often. Although, it is true that you can usually be found under the dining table. You slept through the night very early which was a first for us. You weaned yourself at around six months. You are my first baby that I have made homemade baby food. We usually have sweet potatoes, squash, avocado, turkey or chicken, green beans, or pears.
The habits we enjoy about you are the way you flap excitedly with both arms and legs about everything. Sometimes, you are picky about eating so I sing the preposition song and then you eat. You are very attached to my hip with velcro. You pat me on the chest when I pick you up. You usually take a very long nap once a day. You are always content to play in your bed. You were so wild in the bath that I bought a bath seat to restrain you.
Our favorite look titled "The lights are on, but nobody's home."
Watching the snow


  1. She is so precious! My little girl is 10 months right now, but soon to be 11 months. I love the way you can see your older girls knees while they are sitting in a chair together, they must all be so close!

  2. Catching up over here always brings me happiness:)
    LOVE your kids and all the stories that go along!
    love and prayers,