Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am weeping buckets

I am literally weeping buckets of tears as this was so hysterical AND the volume was turned down on our camera so I didn't capture her voice.  WHY??????????  It was so adorable and why would the volume be turned OFF??????????  Anyway, the video is still worth watching.  She is singing all of the Presidents in order.  For a fun time, make sure you watch 1:03 and 1:27 in the video.  For a complete translation on 1:03, she is singing "Taft, Wilson, and Harding, Coolidge."  I think one can make out the 1:27  O-BOMB-A.  She is one quirky bird.  I weep still.

In other news, we went to the Post Office today for a field trip.  That one never gets old.  The kids love it every time.  It is so fascinating how the whole process works.  I find it amazing that we get our mail everyday with very few, if any, mistakes.
The lady in the middle missed her true calling in life.  She should have played for the WNBA.  She was in charge of boxes.  From her post in the middle, she could hit anyone of the orange buckets with precision.  It reaffirmed my instincts to protect all materials being shipped.
Do you mind?
They wrapped up the evening playing SORRY in the dark.  It was cute to see them sitting at the little kid table not recognizing that the sun was going down on their day.  The sky was actually bright pink.


  1. darling video. i could only imagine what your quirky chick sounds like. :)

    i have yet to go on a post office field trip--maybe next school year.

  2. You must do a take two with SOUND. That's an order.

  3. You've mentioned the president song, and maybe one or two other education songs before (maybe a preposition song?) you have some educational music you'd recommend? My kiddos pick up a lot from music so I'm on the look out for some new listening material for them :)