Thursday, January 24, 2013

What would we do without him?

I know our children won't realize until they are older what an outstanding father they had. They will have no idea the amount of yourself you gave to them. You invest every ounce of free time you have and give it to me or them. I know they think this is normal because it is what they've always had. Your dedication to their lives always inspires me to be a better parent.  You see every opportunity as a chance to grow closer to their hearts, make each individual child feel special and loved.  You know them as well as I know them.

This picture was one of my favorites.  We had just arrived home and I was carrying in Clairvaux and turned to see you playing and talking with Damaris in her car seat.  Her laughter could be heard through the home.  My favorite thing about our marriage is how much we enjoy our children together.  My mom always says to me, "I don't know two people who mutually enjoy and delight in their children like you and John."

Not intended to be a picture of BUNS, just cute that you were talking to Damaris.
Lillie's date night for ice cream, Barnes & Noble, and a trip to see Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. 
We do not have a perfect life free of complication, misunderstandings, hard days, trying times. We don't have a life so different from everybody else in the world who is trying to live a good and just life. We are not special.

We have days that we look at each other and flash the "five more minutes" sign because they are almost in bed. We have days that life is just dull and ordinary, but as we always say that the inner peace that God grants to us each night is irreplaceable. You are a perfect husband and father.

 Not in the world's "PERFECT" sense, but perfect that you know God made you and made you for heaven. One of my favorite lines from Les Miserables "She has the Lord. He is her father. And you're his creation. In his eyes, you have never been anything but an innocent and... beautiful woman."

How does this fit here? I know you know God is your father in heaven and you are His creation. You are quick to apologize and to forget. You are first to serve. If I hope to imitate one of the many traits your parents taught you, I hope to imitate this one the most.


  1. praise God for your faithful husband. may he continue to cooperate with His grace to joyfully lead and serve your family. may you be given the graces to follow His lead. may you both cover your marriage and family in prayer for spiritual protection, for you are a great witness to Him and the Evil one will delight in your fall. may the Holy Family be your guide.


    1. p.s. don't ever neglect those date nights with dad and his girls. my 17 yo daughter now expresses to us how much those dates meant to her. may you continue to cherish each moment with His precious gifts!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for posting this!!!

  3. Before you were ever married, I was inspired by both of you. Now as a combo-pack... holy cow. :) Thank you for your loving witness & generous committment to each other, to your children, & to God. I'm so grateful to call you friends!