Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dominic's 10th Birthday

I am really good at forgetting to blog about the really important dates in our lives like birthdays, baptisms, communions. I know exactly why I do this. The event is so grand in my heart that I often don't feel as though I can eloquently put it into words so I put it off until forever. I like this recap idea so it will force me to at least put something down. Dominic turned ten March 20th. Continuing our tradition, he and I went to breakfast early together at Village Inn. They always get to pick the spot.
You chose cherry pie instead of a cake.  That's my boy.
We had a great laugh about this.  We had a package of these sausages in the freezer.  Specifically, the ones pictures with pancakes, eggs, and fruit.  For couple weeks, you kept voicing how excited you were to eat them.  You would question how everything got inside the package.  I then realized you thought everything came as pictured. 
I will fondly remember your Husker camo hat.  You wore it everywhere.
You picked here so you could order pie for breakfast.
Birthdays are as fun for the siblings as the celebrant.