Monday, January 7, 2013

Sleeping Baby

I never, ever get to hold her asleep anymore. I think the last time she fell asleep on me was this past summer. She was overly tired and after having her bottle she fell limp asleep for about a minute. I knew I should lay her down, but I had to hold her. She only sucks her thumb when trying to go to sleep so it was extra cute to hold her and her thumb.
As hard asleep as she was, she woke up that fast and wondered where everybody had been her whole life.
Smooch that face.


  1. Aren't sleeping babies the best? I remember when mine were tiny, I was always hanging over them watching them sleep, and then waiting for them to wake UP already so I could pick them up and play with them! Now I would be hard put to pick any of them up at 29, 21 and 13, but they are still my sweet babies.

  2. I just rocked Oliver to sleep and held him for the entire two hours of Downton Abbey. Multi-tasking at its finest.