Tuesday, January 1, 2013

February 2012 Relived

February 2012.
The kids went through a period of making me breakfast every morning.
This was in January.  We attended the Nebraska March for Life.  Every year, I vow that the next year we will drive to Washington, DC for the big ONE.  Some day.
Matching zebra aprons.
So much to tell him when he gets home.
I forgot until this picture that Zellie use to pick out a necklace of mine every morning after she took a shower.  It is funny how the little things they do everyday come and go so quickly and you forget.
I can honestly say that every day he gets home from work I am thrilled.  I love his presence in our home. 
Lillie fresh from her First Confession.
Our Fat Tuesday party.
John's 34th birthday
When we only had six kids on the outside.
Damaris on the inside 7 months.
Lillie getting her ears pierced. 
We let her pick whatever earrings she wanted. 
My two babies at the time one in and one out.

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