Wednesday, January 16, 2013

C-Vo to the PT. Over and out.

As with all the big events in my life, I have trouble writing about them because I can't find the right words to express my excitement.  Thank you to all the kind readers who emailed, called, and commented regarding our newest baby.  I really do love babies.  I am so grateful we get to have another baby.  Childbearing is something I never take for granted.  They are such gifts.  
She was excessively brushing the enamel off tonight in her underwear.
Baby is carried around all day by everyone.
It is true.  Clairvaux self-potty trained.  For about a month, we would find her in the morning sitting on the abode. 
We would say to her, "Go get your diaper back on."  What the heck were we doing?  She was dying to potty train.  On Sunday, we finally let her do it and she only has had a few accidents other than that she takes her self and uses a whole roll of toilet paper at once.
Her best smile.  One shining moment.
We laughed all night at this one.  Her words "I am proud to call you my beloved mother.  You do well on cooking and handling things.  Thank you for being a nice teacher."  Thank you, Lillie.  My beloved mother.  Haaaaaaa!
Baby is always in on the bedtime action now.
She usually manhandles John's ears and nose.


  1. I love how they pull on your face without the least thought that you'll do anything but love it.

    That letter is priceless.

  2. oh these were all love love