Monday, March 25, 2013

Pius Wrestling Club 2013

Dominic joined the Pius Wrestling Club this year for the first time. We had no idea if he would like wrestling as both of us are completely unfamiliar with the sport. He is such an easy going guy that we both thought he would be hesitant against his opponents. We sure were wrong. He loved it and looked forward to every practice. Dom is a coach's dream. He listens well, does exactly what he is told, and tries so hard to work on whatever task was demonstrated. A friend of ours wrestled in college and told Dominic about a move he invented called the Super Duck. Dominic worked hard to perfect it. I was pleasantly surprised how much we enjoyed watching him as both of our tendencies fall towards a love of basketball and football. The more I understood the sport, the more I hope he continues to pursue it. A built in fan club eager to watch his first match.

His bigger fan club opposite the gym waiting for him to wrestle.
His first match caught him pretty off guard. He didn't quite understand the logistics, but his second match brought gnarling teeth against his opponent and a lot more intensity on Dom's part.

I needed to be resuscitated the first time I saw him in a singlet. I mean, come on!!!!!!!!!!! It was great.

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