Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Damaris!

Happy Birthday to the most adored baby in the world! We marvel at one year ago today you entered our lives and your newness never wore off. In fact, I think we've all gotten crazier about you. You are the joy of our whole family. Everyone still asks to hold you all day. Every one still delights in all your little ways. The happiness one baby can bring to a whole family is always beautiful. You still seem like such a baby. I know that you will grow up when the new baby is born immediately. Celebrating first birthdays are my favorite. So simple, so fun, and so monumental. I replayed everything in my head what went on exactly one year ago today at certain times. You still are our funniest walking baby. Not that you walk funny, you just look so short to be walking around our home with so many people taller than you. In particular, I have a memory of about a month ago watching you freshly bathed with just a white onesie on. Your hair was slicked to the side like an older gentleman and you were just toddling around the home. You had no idea how we just watched you and smiled. I giggle frequently at seeing your short self pass doorways usually trailing your sisters.

I told one of my friends that I have such gratitude at having been given the key to true happiness in life. Despite the detailed work of a mother, after a certain amount of years God grants you an intense realization of how quickly the years are passing and the days don't become drudgery any more, but an honor and privilege. We pulled out home videos of all the kid's first birthdays tonight and I am glad they couldn't see me crying in the back of the room. I cried part from sadness and mostly out of IMMENSE gratitude. I am so thankful that I have been home to see everything and watch them grow everyday. I have no regrets in that department. I am so thankful even when times weren't financially stable and it "made sense for me to work" I didn't. I am glad we cut back on our spendings and not on the time I had to spend with my little ones while they grew. It is funny how I look back at our first five years of marriage when John was in school and I was home with such happiness. We had nothing really, but each other and a very simple life. We only had one small 1992 Honda Civic that I dropped John off at school and eagerly picked him up each day. Those days are my treasure. He would run out of the school building to be greeted with three precious faces strapped in the back seat so eager to see him. Such wonderful, simple times. I am so thankful I stayed home and didn't waste time that I could have never gotten back.

Second to the joy of your birthday, we truly delighted in watching your siblings sing and dote upon you. "Oh, Mom, LOOK. She's eating her cupcake." Squealing by all. Then when it was time for your bath, everybody crammed in the bathroom to watch.

I think your nickname has finally stuck. We threw a few around for a while, but have finally landed on Richard Ricardo usually shortened to Ricky. We've called you that for a couple months and that is a great sign being that I switch it up every few weeks or so. Ricky Boever, we love you.

Damaris, you know I am crazy about you. Dominic and Lillie will constantly reassure me that "Mama, when the new baby comes Damaris is going to need extra love from us." We are so glad you were born and God chose you for our family.
Your father's favorite part about you...the ten-inch gap up the middle of your two front teeth.  Lucky us who see it all day when you smile so tight we can't see the pupils in your eyes.  Lucky us.


  1. So incredibly adorable Damaris! Happy Birthday.
    Blessed you are Lindsay.

    You have been such a kindred spirit, and honestly, every day I look forward to see what you all are doing and sharing.

    Is there any way I could possibly chat with you Lindsay?


  2. Everything you wrote in this post is so beautiful. Damaris is so precious. Happy birthday and may God bless her always.

  3. So precious! Happy Birthday, Damaris! :D

  4. you have such a beautiful family and such a wonderful outlook on life. happy birthday to Damaris! (:

  5. I look forward to your writings as well. So much love in your family. Happy Birthday Damaris!