Sunday, April 7, 2013

One of our favorite hobbies

My mother has always kept a clean car. This habit stems from her mother. Her mother admired another mother of 12 children who kept the cleanest car one could ever find. So, I grew up with a very tidy car. We always had to bring everything in after every outing. We always had to collect any trash immediately. I remember washing the car often for my mother. She loves a clean car. As most things go, I too inherited the clean car syndrome. Living in a place that snows often which then turns to muck, our car gets dirty very easily. We found a great deal at Jet Splash. Unlimited car washes and vacuuming for $20.00 a month. We pretty much go everyday. Did you say everyday? We usually go late morning after the kids finish their school work. It's loads of fun. You can go as often as you like, even twice a day. We've not done that, but the kids would LOVE it. My favorite part is that the employees wipe down your car after going through the wash to make it extra shiny AND the vacuums are always running so I can do a quick job or a good scrub if it needs it.

Clairvaux use to freak out, but now she requests a car wash every time we get in the car.

Dominic videos almost every time we go through the wash.

Vianney asks each time if we could just go through ONE MORE TIME.


  1. Sorry to be nosy but I am wondering what kind of vehicle you drive. I am pregnant with #5 and we are looking at full size vans. Wondering if you have any advice or opinions. Thanks

  2. Oh, can you believe that I have never been in a car wash??? I have just realized that this is what my life has been lacking. (J/k of course, but it looks like so much fun!)

  3. "Late morning after the kids finish their schoolwork"

    You mean homeschooling only lasts for the morning hours? I could so do that!

    1. I was a homeschooler (4th - 12th) and can vouch for this! It really generally did just take the morning to finish everything. And we used a *rigorous* curriculum! Just think of all the time that's "wasted" in schools waiting for everyone to arrive, getting supplies organized, taking bathroom breaks, transitioning from one subject to the next, etc. etc. When all that is trimmed out, it really is not hard to finish by 10, 11, or (at most) 1 or 2 PM. :)

    2. haha, I just realized all this, of course, depends on what time you start! Mom expected us out of bed by 6AM.

  4. We recently moved & our new home has a car wash ($3 a pop, but the vacuums are free) on our way home from everywhere! It is a Friday tradition to swing through and vacuum out the car. We don't go through the wash every weekend, but maybe once-a-month. My daughter does beg for it, though! It has really enhanced our outings to have a clean car! I'm sorry I was a mom for almost four years before I discovered the ease and joy of sucking up all the junk and crumbs with one of those powerful (and FREE) hoses! Now if only I could drive my *house* through there once-a-week... ;)