Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Being with my mother

I was able to see my mother on Mother's Day. She lives about three too many hours from our home so it was a treat to be with her. EVERY time I am with her, I am reminded what children really want from their mothers. We sat at Mary's Cafe in the little town of Hebron, Nebraska. We shared a chocolate shake, she ordered her favorite fried chicken dinner, and I brought her a couples pieces of wedding cake with buttercream frosting. John knows I love wedding cake so he had a friend make me one for Mother's Day. I had to share as I inherited the love from her. She devoured her piece in the car.

It is often easy to lose sight of what children really need. I will speak for myself in getting often caught up in feeling guilty for not taking them on different outings or being tempted that it would be fun to buy them certain things. I often see what I am not doing for them. Being able to spend a short hour and a half with her reminds me that my children just want me and my time. She always comes to help when we have a baby. Although I love the cooking, cleaning, and help with the other children, I always tell her, "Please just sit here with me." I just love that she is with me. I know my children feel the same. They just want my presence as I know I love her presence. I also noted that I love when she is happy. She doesn't have to entertain me or anything. I simply love when she is happy and full of life.


  1. Ahhh Mech. I love when she just sits with me too. She's so great at sharing her gift of "self" with everyone!!

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  3. Thank you for that sweet reminder!

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  5. AHHH! Aren't Mom's just THE BEST? I think about the day when my daughter will feel the same way about me.
    Happy Mother's Day!

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  7. Thank you for this. I needed it today. It's the first time I'm checking out your blog and I think I'll become a regular!!

  8. What is not to love about Mechie! So wish we could see her more often. Kitty