Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lauritzen Gardens

Our homeschool group traveled to Omaha to tour the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens. As an added bonus, the Nature Connects exhibit was still on display.  It was worth driving up to Omaha just to see the Legos. The kids always a have a good time doing mostly anything, but I can always tell when they REALLY truly and thoroughly enjoy something. They truly and thoroughly enjoyed this field trip.

 Rose in front of the Lego rose.
 Aren't these just amazing?

 Dominic with his friend William.  They spent the day discussing their current reads and other objects of their current affections.  On the agenda today, PARASITES.  The innocence of childhood friendship.
 My second favorite child look next to the profile view:  the look of wonder

 The Lego scrape
 Mine and their favorite spot outdoors.  They would have been perfectly happy jumping the stream for a few hours.

 We enjoyed a picnic lunch up by the trains on the bluff at Kenefick Park, followed by ice cream, and a stop by Adoremus Catholic book store.  One should not take their checkbook in that store.  
We arrived home by 4:00 PM.  
I looked over at one point and they were all reading at the same time.  All in their own worlds.  Dominic said it perfectly, "Mom, couldn't you just read all day?"  Indeed I could!
My sister Damaris is with us again this summer.  Everybody needs a sister named Damaris who spends her summers with their older sister so cheerfully.  She will be working this summer, but we still get to see her for a few hours each day.  We usually go to the library every 2-3 weeks, but when Damaris is in town the average bumps up to every 2-3 days.  After we returned home from Omaha, we went to the library  and played outside until 8:00.  They stopped briefly to come inside to eat dinner, but the rest of the day was spent reading on the lawn, swinging, running, and digging in the dirt.  My perfect day indeed!  

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