Thursday, May 23, 2013

Heritage School 2013-Dominic

Dominic was able to attend the Heritage School on Wednesday with his Classical Conversations group. He went a couple years back and thoroughly enjoyed it so we were thrilled when they announced that the older kids would be able to attend the school again. I know our other children are looking very forward to their day at Heritage School in the years to come.
The school board encourages the student to dress the part, act the part which entails preparing a poem to recite in front of the class, and bring a lunch that would have been suitable for the time period.  Dominic brought almonds, bread, and beef jerky.  It was great to see all the girls dressed in their prairie dresses and bonnets.  The head mistress played the role perfectly keeping order in the classroom and acting like a teacher would have in the 1800s.

I won't write about the school as the placard say it all, but to experience it in person is a real treat.  I could almost feel the presence of those back in the day.

Quote by Benjamin Franklin

The history behind this saying dates back to the Ancient times.  One of the original versions use to be, "Speech is Silver.  Silence is Golden."

All the kids sat perfectly quiet and still waiting for their lessons and instructions.  We were allowed to take pictures for a little bit before the parents had to leave.  I really could have stayed all day.

He told me before he got there that he was most excited about the spelling bee.  He placed 2nd this year which disappointed him because as he said, "Mom, I can't believe I got out on the word handkerchief.  I don't know what happened to me."  
He is such a pleasure of a child.  As much fun as he had, he told me after picking him up that he is always glad to be home.  We were both glad he had this fun experience.


  1. Such a fabulous experience! I actually went to a one room school house for k-6 (small town MT) and it was the best experience ever (and I am not 80 :))!

  2. how fun! the Catholic school that I attended would take a field trip to a place like this (except with 20-some buildings) in fourth grade! I remember being so excited to go! looks like they had a lot of fun; what a great experience!

  3. How sweet he is. What an amazing experience.

  4. I did something like this before. I think it was a week long thing though and we went to school there every day and also learned crafts. It was so fun! In fact, I think I did it twice I loved it so much. My mom always found such fun things for us to get involved and I really hope I'll be able to do the same with my kids.

    Your son seems like such a wonderful young man!