Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Great Park Adventure: #1 Porter Park

A couple years ago, I was looking up a number in the phone book and came across a listing of all the parks and trails that were available in our area.  We routinely visit about 4 or 5 different ones, but I found out that there are over 125 different parks in our area.  I thought how fun it would be to visit each one and rank them according to our liking.  Since we are continuing with school through the summer, I knew I would have to have a few fun outings to offset the disappointment of a "NO SCHOOL" summer.  The kids were thrilled.  We printed off the list and will mark our rating next to each park.

 Now, I know how these things go.  We have such great plans and eight parks into our adventure I wish every park would disappear because that is all they talk about.  I sure hope we can mark off a huge chunk as I think this will be so much fun!  They gave Porter Park a score of 8.  Dominic claims the fireman pole wasn't long enough and the girls said the teeter-totter didn't work.
 She is still hesitant with sand and squats for five minutes before moving onward.  John squatted with her for moral support.

 Every baby loves outdoors, right?  Well, she is on a different level than any of our other children in the past.  She mourns for the outdoors.  She stands at the window hoping anybody will take her out to swing or let her climb up and down the slide.  We can't even mention the swing as she will go into hysterics.  We made the mistake tonight of letting her run naked in the backyard.  Now, she will think that is normal.  She was a free bird!
 I loved this picture of Lillie's red hair. So pretty.

 Clairvaux made a trip to the ER last Saturday.  You can see the wound on her forehead.
 Rose's athleticism always delights us.  She was giving John quite the time playing soccer this evening.  For as gentle as her spirit is, she sure is a competitor.  Whenever we see one of the kids doing something athletic, it is always a race to see who will first claim their family as the originator of such talent.  I will always say, "What a little Niewald!"  John usually comes back with some Boever stat in an attempt to trump me.

She demanded a photo when we were leaving.


  1. What a fun fun idea for summer! Thanks for sharing all the cuteness. :)

  2. My mom did this with us one summer- and we rode our bikes to each one! It was a summer we ALL remember. It's one of the reasons that Lincoln is a great place to raise a family. No other place I've lived/visited (in the US) comes close to the number of parks and bike trails that we have!

  3. What a great idea! And I know you probably hear this a lot, but your children are just beautiful! And I was reading a couple of posts at once, and noted that your husband is one boy among many younger sisters, so I think it's so great that you have an oldest boy, with many younger sisters!