Friday, May 31, 2013

POtD #7 Williamsburg Park

The BEST by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As only God could have aligned, most of my siblings ended up in town all at the same time.  Kristin and Jora came up from Kansas to tile our shower, Hilary and Timmy happened to be coming to town to manage their rental, Dominic came over for dinner, Kellan and Damaris were here visiting.  TRULY, siblings are the BEST gift you can give to your children.  We have cooked and baked since Monday.  We have eaten 24 gallons of ice cream and solved all the world's problems through our constant discussions.
Aside from that, we had to hit up a park while everybody was in town.

Williamsburg Park
rating: 10++++

Everything is always a contest.

We had contests to see who could jump the highest, longest, and funniest out of the swing.  These four landed in the top four slots.
We looked like quite the parade walking to the park.
The park parade.

I look over and see Dominic mount the horse only 1 second later to see...
Dom bucked off the horse.

Then, we look over to see Truman sitting by herself claiming she was "sweaty."
Everything is a contest.

Dominic and John playing touch football. Maria and Andrew, I warned you of the fun that was going to be had...get up here NOW!!! A video of the final race to wrap up the evening!!!!


  1. I think this is my favorite post on your blog. Ever. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall, er, in the park. :)

  2. I second Amy - this is my fave post!!! Siblings/Aunts&Uncles are THEE best!! So awesome that you have such a fun amount of siblings!

  3. You guy rock my world! You made my morning. My 5 precious babies here, have 40 cousins under the age of 11 and it's growing every year. We love getting together now, but I look forward to seeing them grow now, just as much. It will be a blast for sure.
    God Bless you all!

  4. Who makes that triple jogging stroller? Please share!

  5. Love this, Lindsay! My favorite is the picture of the parade to the park! I know this is how we look when my siblings and I all get together too. And everything seems to get crazy when siblings are together! LOVE IT!