Saturday, June 1, 2013

Upcoming Attractions

I am really glad I was given a preview of what Damaris is going to be like when the new baby comes as it would have come as a major shock if I hadn't experienced it beforehand.  She has developed into a very sweet, easy going, self-entertained baby.  She didn't fuss much during the day and really wasn't into anything.  WELL, her cousin Esther came this weekend and we have a whole new Damaris.  She was a big bad bully all week.  She tried to dominate her younger cousin by 9 weeks anytime she could.  She was EXTRA wild, EXTRA into EVERYTHING, threw some awesome fits, and John and I really can't figure out who she is trying to be.  She started saying a bunch of new words, showing off for aunts and uncles, and pulled out lots of new tricks.  Several of them I am not too fond of.

I really mean it that I am grateful as I would have been expecting her to act out a little when the baby arrives, but not this CRAZY.  I plan to LOWER my expectations about 172 notches as to prepare myself for the fun battles that will ensue in September.  My temperament is one that would rather be prepped beforehand as I struggle with the element of surprise when it comes to these types of gigs.

The best part is that Damaris thinks I haven't experienced this with others before.  She doesn't realize I've got several tricks of my sleeve also.


  1. Just thinking out loud here, but maybe she acted that way because her cousin is more of a peer and not that much younger than her? She might act differently around a baby than around someone only 2 months younger than herself. I know that was the case for my #4 and #5. But I am similar to you in that I like to go into a situation prepared. :)

  2. Could you offer some tips on helping the youngest child deal with a new addition to the family? We're going from 1 to 2 in a few weeks and I'm nervous about how my son will react to his new sister!

  3. I second Elizazbeth's request.

  4. I cant stop laughing!!! Not laughing that she had a hard weekend but we sometimes have the same problem around here when it comes to cousins and new babies. I think we are in the same boat. :)