Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dominic's Mass Intentions: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Obama

I am never shy about my feelings for this guy.  He had my heart the minute I met him.  Truly, our eyes locked at his birth and my heart exploded.  He continues to steal my heart most days with his gentle, perfect temperament.  God has blessed us with this child over and over.

We were walking back from mass this morning and he asked me who I offered my mass for.  I told him and then he replied (get ready),  "Well, I offer my mass everyday for the same people...Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Obama.  I figured they probably don't have many people praying for their souls."

I walked speechless next to my 11-year-old who already has so much spiritual maturity.  I really am honored to know him.  He is such a perfect son and brother.

Tonight, we attended a beautiful engagement garden party in Omaha for John's cousin.  The host couple even rented a white tent with tables and chairs and decorated their yard like something you would see in a magazine.  Our children were having the time of their lives running, eating, drinking endless lemonade and pop, and playing with their cousins.  After most of the party had departed, I mentioned to John we better get going because the babies were melting.  As I went to get the older kids, I found a red-cheeked Dominic playing so happily with his cousins that I just couldn't pull him away.  I remembered all his goodness and generosity and wanted to give back to him even in this small way all the times he is so good to us.  We happily endured a couple more hours with the littles out of love for mainly him.  He is always giving, always helping.  I wanted him to have this wonderful summer memory.

Thank you for the gift of this child.  I know his daily prayers will matter for the souls of those he prays for daily.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. You inspire me to be a better mother. :)

  2. I can so relate! My husband and I feel so blessed to have been given our oldest son, also 11, who we just are so deeply grateful for. Our guy is also just so seemingly perfect sometimes. God knew we needed him to be first! :-) I find the oldest child's attitudes and obedience flows downstream to other siblings, for better or worse! :-)

    I so enjoy your blog!

  3. What a beautiful expression of love for a son. It brought tears from my eyes. Thank you for sharing your family stories.

  4. We are expecting our first baby via adoption. I hope I can be a mother like you. You are a fantastic mama!

  5. I think the sentiments of what your son said is admirable. However, I am a bit concerned about lumping the President in with mass murderers. Even if we believe that abortion is the killing of innocent life, to believe President Obama is a mass murderer would mean we have to believe every pro-choice American is a mass murderer. I'm not prepared to accept that my next door neighbor is on the same level as Hitler merely because he is pro-choice.

    1. Web definitions:

      Mass Murder:
      slaughter: the savage and excessive killing of many people. YES, every PRO-CHOICE AMERICAN is for mass murderer. How in the world do you interpret the daily killing of the unborn in any other way. Do you know what they do to those babies? Do you know how they die?

      He voted for the babies that are born alive to be killed by the doctor. MASS MURDER at its PERFECTION!

      WE could also go into droning that Obama loves also.

    2. I could go on further...

      According to the FBI, for individuals, mass murder is defined as the person murdering four or more persons during a particular event with no cooling-off period ...


  6. Wow. What an impressive little guy. It's easy to pray for the people you love; how much harder is it to want the best (in the true sense of the word) for people you have problems with? (Which, with due respect to the commenter above, is what I assume your son was doing here. He's 11; he wasn't putting President Obama on par with Hitler. He was saying, these are people I have a hard time sympathizing with, but I'll still pray for them.) Good for him. (And you too!)

  7. Ahh what a nice boy Dominic is! What an awesome thing that he is able to even think about praying for any of those people he mentioned. I am really impressed. Keep going Lindsay! He is turning out so very well.


  8. Clearly you and your husband aren't historians