Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Zellie!

How will I ever make it through life? I enjoyed every ounce of you today. I really do everyday, but you were extra sweet and innocent today. You smiled all day. I remember how wonderful it was to have a birthday when I was little. I knew everybody in the world knew it was my birthday. I can tell you felt the same. I made sure to tell everyone wherever we went.  Your birthday breakfast choice was Village Inn at the major promptings of your siblings.  They told you what to order.  You picked out your outfit complete with two bracelets, glitter hair band, a fancy dress, and your beloved heart ring.
Zellie, you are pure preciousness and joy.  You are always the favorite wherever we go.  You know how to win the heart of anybody by your sweet, shy ways.  You try so hard to please me that it hurts my heart.  I asked you what was your favorite memory of being five-years-old.  You replied, "My favorite memory is celebrating Mother's Day with you."  She really did say that and I was truly in awe of her.  She has had so many good times and that is what she said.  You did very well in school this year.  Our family would be so different without you.  You learned to ride your bike last summer, but this summer I think you have taken up competitive racing.  You ride way too fast and love to skid out.  You have skid out so much that you popped your back tire.  I tell you everyday to slow down and you say every time that you will.
We did the word search together.  When we were leaving, you said "Mom, we didn't find the word 'Monkey'."  So we stayed a few more minutes and searched.

She found this ring in my old jewelry and wears in everyday on her wedding finger.  She wears a size 2 and the ring is a size 6.  I know this because I promised her we would go to a jewelry shop and check to see how much it would cost to get it sized. We went this afternoon for a little date.  I can tell you felt big talking to the nice woman trying to help find your size.  It was about $120.00 and I told her we would talk with Papa.  She was game for putting yarn on the back to help it fit better.  
Lillie recommended the hot chocolate.
She was much more fascinated by the little milk pitcher.
At Village Inn, you receive a free piece of pie on your birthday.  Zellie ordered French Silk and I watched her enjoy it all day long.  She would sneak bites here and there.

After a fun day of swimming, she requested red beans and rice for dinner and a Jell-O poke cake for her birthday cake.  She requested a #6 written in sprinkles.
In keeping with our tradition, John gave her a piece of jewelry.  He gave her a June birthstone necklace.

I had to post this picture of Vianney as she was just as precious as Zellie today.  She was so thrilled with all of Zellie's presents.  We were dying at her facial expressions as she was opening each present.  She felt the intensity with each one.  We ended the evening by watching old home videos of Zellie's first year of life.   I say it again, "How will I ever make it through life?"  It was so crazy to watch little Dom, little Lillie, and little Rose as babies and toddlers.  I say it every time, "Thank you God that I was here to see everything."  Their lives are a gift to us.

Zellie on her 1st Birthday.


  1. So completely beautiful! I look forward every morning to reading your posts Lindsay, and it truly does give me the uplifting motivation to go on with the day with joy and peace in my heart. THank you for being you!
    God Bless

  2. Your childern are so simple yet complex little people. I commend you and your husband for raising such unique individuals. I'm not quite how you do it so well but I'm amazed with every post that is posted. I sincerely love watching your family grow. Happy birthday to your little one!

  3. Oh my gosh, her little sister's face is so precious! And I love Zellie's cute little haircut, she's a little pixie fairy, so adorable :)

  4. Happy belated Birthday Zellie! You are blessed to be born into such a precious family. Vianney, you are adorable.