Tuesday, June 25, 2013

John the Machine

Look way down the street and you can see them coming. The whole group just finished a seven mile bike ride on Saturday.
Of all the amazing feats John can accomplish, I consider this the most amazing.  He enjoys taking them all on his runs.  He likes the workout and he likes them to workout.  I told him that if our children are serious triathlon athletes, it will be due to their early childhood training.  They rode seven miles Saturday and then swam that afternoon for two hours all at John's promptings.
I am overly jealous of the calories he burns while running this far pushing a stroller.
His favorite to take is Damaris.  She thoroughly enjoys the ride and points out everything along the way.  Every time the big kids return home, they are sweating so bad and dying of thirst usually saying they aren't going on the long runs again.  BUT, the next day they are always eager to go with him again especially Zellie.  She never complains and peddles her little bike so fast.

These pictures are to document her early days of competitive racing.  She is so tough and rides strong.


  1. That stroller is impressive! I have a double (non-jogger) that I take my girls in for a .5 mile walk in the afternoons and I really don't know how much longer I can do it in this humidity!

  2. Running while pushing one kid tires me out, I can't even imagine 3! What a guy!

  3. How awesome is this! And that is one tough hill...Wow!

  4. That is so great! It made me think of my own Husband "machine" pushing our 4 seater. He was even in the newspaper for such a thing! :) http://siouxcityjournal.com/news/gallagher-wheels-for-running-reverend-go-round-and-round/article_0502c724-e524-5545-b492-e6d4e8652c48.html

    So wonderful to have husbands that like working out and like taking their children along, good for the whole family...accept for me, I sit home pregnant with my feet up! Love reading your blog!