Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The book affair has begun

I have noticed in the past couple weeks that she has become enamored with books. She makes people read to her and chants "Rea, Rea" often. I can tell her to go pick out a book and she quickly runs over to her basket and brings over the animal book. She gets overly giddy when we look happen upon a dog or turtle. She repeats "turtle" over and over.
I know the older kids enjoy this because they bring it to my attention when they find her flipping through a book in the corner.  Rose commented just today how cute she looked squatted over her favorite read "My favorite PETS."  


  1. I REALLY enjoy your blog even when we have different views on things. But you are one AMAZING mother. I love all of your kids and how you see so MUCH in each one of them. But for some reason, Dominic just stands out to me. Not because he is the only boy, but he is just so sweet! At least he looks so nice. These images of him reading to his baby sister are just precious!

  2. Oh these pictures are so sweet!! He's going to be such a great dad one day. :)