Friday, June 7, 2013

Parks #14-18 (Ashley Heights Park, Olympic Heights, Eagles View, Arnold Heights & Bowling Lake)

Ashley Heights Park
rating:  5
They DID have their clothes changed from yesterday.  They went swimming this afternoon and Clairvaux was sleeping in the room where all the clothes are located so they pulled their dirty clothes from last night out of the laundry and put them on.  GROSS, but then I figured we were going to the parks in a few hours anyway so we might just get them extra dirty.

 I thought it was sweet how Dominic was walking with Damaris.

Olympic Heights Park
rating:  5

Often, they just sit quietly in the sand digging, tunneling, and swirling the sand around.

 I FINALLY got it.  The Chinese Cheese smile.  She squints her eyes so tight that we joke she can't see anything.  We get this smile a lot and comment each time how we know she can't see.
 Then, Rebellious wouldn't get in the car.

Eagles View Park
rating:  4

Arnold Heights Park
rating:  ZERO but bonus points for beauty which the enclosed picture is tad-bit deceiving.
 This park looked promising so John ran to the top to scope it out. He only saw an open field.

 Bowling Lake Park
rating:  a peaceful 8
This was a perfect ending.  We will be heading back out to this lake.  The sun was setting, toads were croaking, and the walking path beautifully wrapped itself around several small bodies of water.  The kids didn't want to leave.

 The perfect stair step...and Clair's face is awesome.
It was almost 9:45 PM and baby was tired from going to five parks this evening.  Little legs couldn't keep up.  John and I love how when she is tired she tucks her arms in and scrunches her buns up.


  1. I love all the park pictures. And what a fun summer activity! I wish we had parks like that in our city. They are very lacking here, after living in a suburb with dozens of amazing parks. We do have a decent school park nearby, though. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Your baby has so many teeth! My youngest just turned 15 months and she is just now working on her first tooth! Love all the pictures!