Thursday, June 6, 2013

Their Happy Lives

Baby's newest trick is stacking and lining different objects up. Today, it was rubber ducks lined up everywhere.  Yesterday, it was the wooden saints.  Why is this cute?  I don't know, but I certainly enjoy watching fat, chubby hands working hard.  Be still my heart.

Her other new trick is climbing and standing on the edge of the table.  Why the edge?  I know she needs to learn, but why the edge????  Why the very, tippy edge like she is Greg Louganis ready to take a dive.  Now, we just put the chairs on top of the table.

My other favorite sites:  Them playing together and hearing their chatter.

My favorite picture to-date for 2013.  

We found a turtle crossing the road the other day on our way back from the farm while we were out getting milk.  We snatched up the turtle and brought him home.  The kids named him Roady Holy Boever.  The turtle love is intense around here especially by our resident animal/reptile/anything found outside lover, Lillie.  Today, she thought Roady would like to read about himself.  Isn't this precious!  She propped up a book for him to look at about himself.


  1. Where did you get your wooden saint dolls and how much were they?

    1. Several of my friends and I did a swap. We each painted two and then traded. It was awesome!

  2. How long do you plan on having Roady Holy Boever? We'd like a visit.

  3. My kids are all climbers. I think it makes our kitchen chairs wear out faster because we always lay them on their sides unless they're being sat on, and some people's version of laying is more like dropping. But it's either that or having a toddler dance on the kitchen table all day.