Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parks #19-21 (Cripple Creek, Country View, and Pine Lake Parks)

Cripple Creek Park
Rating:  10
We've been going to this park since moving back to Lincoln.  Our kids have grown up at this park, but it was the first time for Damaris.

 Country View Park
Rating: 8
This was a fabulous find.  It was tucked behind several beautiful homes and providing a breathtaking view of the country.

 Swing Jumping continues.

 Dominic stuffed himself into a baby swing.  Damaris thought it was great.

 Pine Lake Park
Rating:  10+
Believe it or not, this was just a ball park with no playground equipment.  The kids (and John) had the time of their lives pretending to play baseball.  They just squealed in delight as John would chase them around.  We were here for about an hour.  We didn't even have baseball equipment, but they were content to play.  Damaris ran around like a free bird.

 Our team.

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  1. How many parks ARE there in Lincoln?! If you run out and need to head out of town, Ceresco's is brand new and just north; we could meet you there! amh