Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My 36th Birthday

I need to record my gifts for the day as often God  only allows gifts or we should say graces for that moment or that day.  I still love my birthday like a child.  I walked over to mass alone and moments later John slid in next to me.  You see, my good friend buried her four-month-old baby today.  So, my thoughts were mostly on her and the heartache that I could only beg God to be spared of.  I begged God to rest her heart and fill it with supernatural peace.

The gift I received most today was AWARENESS.  For some reason as I picked up Damaris this morning, I was keenly aware of her little hand resting on my neck as I carried her down the hall to begin our morning.  I was aware that I have always taken this for granted that I will always walk into her room to find her waiting in the corner of her bed for me, smiling.  I always lean down to talk right into her face and then pick her up.  I carry her out with one arm and she wraps hers around my neck.  For some reason today, I felt the presence of her hand.  I realized that these days are numbered and very shortly she won't be waiting for me anymore to be carried out.  I was grateful  for that.

Vianney spent a good portion of time writing me a note that said, "ILOVEMOM. LOVEVIANNEY."  I was aware how darling her awkward marker grip was and how much she wanted to write me a note.  I sat and watched.  She was so confused how the letter "V" and "U" could be so similar.

Dominic made cinnamon rolls during nap time.  We've had our windows open because the weather has been lovely, but the afternoons prove a little warm. I walked out to him mixing dough, smiling with his glasses slouching down his face from sweating.  The glasses thing gets me because I have movie memories of parents flashing back to their children's childhoods and they all involve glasses and innocent smiles.  That was him today.

Lillie searched though her coloring book and found a page that said, "Best Friends."  She was so pleased that she found a message corresponding to the thoughts bursting from her heart.  "MOM, I can't believe I found a page that said best friends.  We are best friends."

Rose and Zellie were waiting for me when I came back from mass to jump out and yell "Happy Birthday."  If you think about, how many times will your children do that for you in your lifetime?

Clairvaux probably wished me the most birthday wishes.  She told me every time she passed me throughout the day.

John called several times to which I teased him about being on the party planning committee (from The Office) and if all the plans were going according to schedule.  He would hush fake crowds in the background or pretend to talk to jewelry salesmen.

The kids all asked if I had a great birthday to which I replied I couldn't have had a better day.  I have every thing I need.  I need nothing more.  I told them I have each of them, Papa, my faith, and a wonderful family.  God has been overly generous to me in my lifetime and for that I am so grateful.

The goal for my thirty-sixth year of life is to not wish for anything materially.  I really do have all that I have and need nothing more.  I hope to not mention anything to John about a new home, new car, new this, new that, but simply allow God to provide when HE sees fit not I.  I fear that I've spent to much time pawning after objects under the guise of making a home that I've missed the bigger picture.

I could say this was my best birthday.  For me, awareness and the desire to change is one of the greatest gifts God can bestow upon man.


  1. Oh my, I am so so sorry for your friend. How heartbreaking. Thank you for the reminder to be aware and grateful. Happy birthday!

  2. What a wonderful goal for your year! And I will keep your friend in our prayers...how heartbreaking indeed.

  3. You are beautiful and so is your family. Happy, happy birthday!

  4. What a beautiful reflection today - you had tears burning behind my eyes.. Prayers for your friend. And Happy Birthday!

  5. "I fear that I've spent to much time pawning after objects under the guise of making a home that I've missed the bigger picture." What excellent insight and, as always, beautifully written post. Happy Birthday!

  6. You are such an inspiration to me, Lindsay. More than you could know!

  7. Happy birthday to someone I'm so grateful to"know" and gather inspiration from.

  8. Happy birthday! And thank you for being such an inspiration to me ... I admire you so much. :-) you have a BEAUTIFUL family! I often check your blog and love seing the darling pictures. Your Vianney is simply precious!!:-) God bless you all.

  9. Hi Lindsay and Happy Birthday! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks, after being directed here from another blog... I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful and wise words of faith. The stories your share of your family and the thoughts you share have already helped me to be a better mother and person. God bless your beautiful family,