Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Clairvaux and The Lord of the Rings

I took Clairvaux to her 3-year-old well-child check today.  It was just her and I and she knew it.  She was acting extra mature and sophisticated.  After a series of formalities, our doctor began asking her the standard questions.  Do you like to ride your bike outside?  What is your favorite thing to eat?  Do you like to read books?  Her typical pretend shy self was left at home, and she stepped right up to the plate and hit a home run.

Two of the questions she answered very seriously, but cracked the doctor and I up.

Doctor:  "Do you help out with chores around the house?"
Clairvaux:  "Yes, I pick up books and pay with Chachy." (play with Damaris, but she calls her Chachy).  The doctor proceeds to look at me like what the heck is a Chachy.  I translated which made me look really intelligent.

I laughed about this one all day and couldn't wait to get home to call John.

Doctor to me:  "Does she watch a lot of TV?"

me:  "No, she isn't really interested in it yet."

Clairvaux:  "Wes I am."  She says her Y's like W's.

Doctor:  "What do you watch?"

Clairvaux:  "I wike Word of the Wings."  She informs him that she likes Lord of the Rings to which she has seen no part of, but has only heard constant conversation about from her older siblings.

Doctor:  "She likes onion rings?"

Me:  "No, she says she likes Lord of the Rings, but she has never seen it."

Clairvaux:  "Wes I have.  I wike Gollum."  Who the heck is this child?

Doctor:  "Oh, so she has probably seen bits and pieces of the movie." 

Me:  "NOOOO.  She has just heard about it from her older siblings."

Doctor:  "auuh."  Right, lady.

It was great and I love how she sat on the child-size chair conversing with the doc and I.  Her feet were crossed at the ankles and her hands rested calmly in her lap.


  1. So funny! I love little ones who say things that make us look suspect to other adults. As we're left scrambling out the denial...!! So cute!

  2. My son comes home with great stories of the events of daycare that I have to translate into what REALLY happened at daycare.

  3. This story is hysterical! I've been there again and again as my kiddos surprise me in public, lol!
    I just came across your blog today and have loved perusing your posts. What a special family you have. We homeschool our four and will have to pop by again soon. Enjoy your littlest and congratulations!