Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pinnacle Bank Sports Arena Tour

I don't want to glamorize an event by describing it as amazing or breathtaking.  This is only worth documenting as we watched the huge sports arena being built from the first vote to completion of the whole project.  Every Friday morning, we drove by the arena during construction and would take note on its progress.  It was fun to take the kids inside to tour.  The new $179 Million 470,400 square foot building impressed the kids to no end probably because they had jump houses set up for the open house and we ate fun food from the concession stand.

At the very top.

Looking down from the very top...makes me dizzy.

This was probably the highlight of the evening.


  1. Your picture from the top made me dizzy, too!

    Fun opportunity to explore! I wish I'd heard about that. I need to stay better on top of things going on in town :).

  2. So I was going through some random pictures of the pinnacle bank arena and saw the first picture posted on this page in a google image search. My wife, daughter and I visited for one of the days of the tour. I thought to myself, what are the odds we made it in your picture. I didn't see ourselves but then as I glanced again I noticed we actually are in your picture. Thought that was pretty cool!

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