Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2, 2013 A Beautiful Day

Little Boy Blue is 2 weeks old today!

This next series of photos about did me in.

Not good for my heart to see such cuteness.

Mom, this one is for you.  Your little Kapaun.

Zellie might win the award for the person who asks to hold him the most.  Vianney and Clairvaux are a close second, but she asks me all the time no matter if I am nursing him or not.  She loves to just sit and hold him.  She cried one time after I took him to nurse him and promised I would give him back.  She said, "You always say that, but then Rose or Lillie will get him."
This went one for a good couple hours.  I heard several weddings being presided over, several prince and princesses, and a whole bunch of sister language that I'm not sure what it means.
In the mean time, these two were deep into a tea party.  We didn't realize until the past couple weeks that Vianney is our clown.  She is hysterical and I don't know why I've not picked up on that before.  Her comic personality has blossomed and is leaving us in stitches.

Dominic was outside for some time working like a busy worker bee.  He told me later he was constructing Mount Doom.
Oh, have you met my friend Denver.  Yes, her nickname has moved on from whatever it was last to Denver.  Denver is Grade A turkey meat right now due to her newest sibling all though Rose informed me today that Denver is still our baby and she was surprised especially since we have a new baby.
I have to give you a little background on Denver.  John is a master YouTube-ist.  He knows EVERY funny video and if you are a guest in our home, John will treat to all sorts of funniness.  Well, a while back he showed the kids and probably several others this hysterical video of Denver the Guilty dog.  You have to watch it WITH the sound on.  Damaris is constantly rummaging through our pantry so anything she gets out we (as in everybody in the house) will say that Denver got into the kitty cat treats. 

Denver's best grin.

Damaris/Denver has started bossing the kids around all day and we crack up at what her version of their names are.  She calls Clairvaux "Wear-Bo."  I love when she yells at her, "Wear-Bo NO!"
They then took over the wedding planning.  Damaris just did as she was told, but usually she is doing the telling.
Clairvaux wanted a picture of her wedding party.

They moved onto knighting each other.

Lillie is the best with him.  She can get him to stop fussing even before I can. 

Clairvaux learned to swing this summer and wanted me to take a picture of her going "way high."
Rose is a natural with babies and is not intimidated by their smallness.  She reminds me of myself at a young age.  My mom tells me that at the age of four I could handle a baby like a grown woman and she trusted me.


  1. Oh my goodness, that second to last photo is so heart-stoppingly precious. What a testament to sibling love.

  2. I have always dreamed of having a large family and this post is a testament as to why....there is flowing from these photos! It is obvious how much your children cherish one another. Being the parents of a large family must be so challenging at times but I want to thank you for your constant optimism towards family life and regarding each child as the blessing they truly are! You are such an encouragement. God Bless you and your beautiful family and that adorable littlest one! :)

  3. Poor Denver. Was there enough meat for her tonight? I'm so worried she went hungry.

  4. You are giving me serious baby fever!!

  5. I love that full milk belly! Rose looks so happy with him!

  6. Babies made my world go 'round when I was a little girl. I could never get enough of them. (Okay, nothing has changed there...) The looks of contented joy on your daughters' faces remind me of when I was little and I spent hours holding whomever was the baby at the time.

    And actually, you gave me a very encouraging thought when you mentioned how good Rose is with babies. I'm going to have twins sometime within the next two weeks or so, and I keep getting a little scared wondering how I"m going to do it. You made me remember how my mama trusted me with holding new twins-both at once!-when I was just 6 years old. I held those babies like a champ and I never dropped one, and I even could get them both to sleep in my arms at once. If I could do it at 6 surely I can do it again at 25!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful picture of Rose holding the baby!

  8. Love the one of rose at the end! I too loved to hold babies at a young age...still do! Damaris looks li,e she is fitting right in with her big sisters. :)

    And do you mind if I ask ... how do you pronounce Clairvaux's name??

    1. We pronounce it Clare-Vow. LIKE Hair Bow, but Clare-Vow. Not a wedding Vow. That was fun to try to type. :)

    2. Lol. Thanks! :) that's a pretty name!