Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Muscle Man shirt and the Jolly Postman

John wanted Kapaun to get some extra vitamin D today as the whites of eyes are still a little yellow so I let him sleep in the sun for some of his afternoon slumber. Doesn't he look cute with his feet crossed and hands relaxed on his belly like a little old man who just ate Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie?

13 days old

What were they all gathered around?  When I was little, I remember looking through our Scholastic book fair selections displayed so magically in our school halls.  I remember a Strawberry Shortcake book that I wanted so much and a book that for years I never remembered the title.  I remember after each page you found a real letter that you pulled out of an envelope.  I was overcome with wonder at that book and often wished I could find it.  I was at a garage sale this summer and happened upon "The Jolly Christmas Postman" book for 25 cents.  Oh my!!!  Within these pages, I found what my second grade heart had been yearning for.  Although, I don't know if this was the book missing from my life all these years as the copyright is 1991... STILL. 

I keep this book up on a shelf as a special book that we look at together or sometimes I let them look at it if they promise to be careful.  I don't have many books I do this with, but the novelty of them knowing it is one of my favorites and that we look at together makes them as fascinated with it as I was in second grade.


  1. I loved the Jolly Postman!!!I wish I still had a copy. And Maps in is adorable...congratulations!

  2. We also had the jolly postman and it was definitely a favorite!! If memory serves me, my mom also had it in a secret place between reads so that we couldn't accidentally lose a letter!

  3. What an absolute sweetie Kapaun is! I LOVE little boys and how they look like little old men...all of my boys do too!

    It's always nice to have those special books, we have them here as well. Donald Duck's Magic Stick, The Rose of Sharon, Peter and the Wolf...those are our special one's.



  4. I never heard of The Jolly Postman, but it looks adorable. I had a Nursery Rhyme book I loved as a child and looked for everywhere, I found it at a yard sale and am so happy it sits upon my bookshelf now. It's the little things like finding it that remind me how God even knows the number of hairs on my head, such a little insignificant thing yet He (I believe) allowed me to find it to bring me joy.
    Your little man is so cute sitting there sunning!

  5. Oh my goodness...I just love him ;)

  6. sure would love to see someone in a tie (;

  7. I had that book when I was younger, too, and loved it! I had forgotten the title until I saw it on another blog several months ago. It was exciting to "find it" again, and I can't wait until my daughters are old enough to enjoy it too.
    Also, congrats on your adorable little man. :)

  8. How beautiful. Do you also have 'each peach pear plum' by the same authors? No letters but equally gorgeous illustrations.

  9. Now I'm intrigued, I'll have to find that book! Kapaun looks very robust already! What a darling:)