Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our powdered sugar baby and Dominic's thoughts on another baby

You know how some babies are like holding a sack of flour?  Well, my sister said holding Kapaun is like holding a bag of powdered sugar.  You know the difference?  Powdered sugar is so soft and lumpy.  He is fun to hold.  He is very relaxed and floppy which makes him easy to mold into your arms.

When Dominic was going to bed this evening and after hugging me he said, "Mom, I figured out that next May is when you are going to tell us that you are having another baby.  I figured out how old Damaris was when you told us you were expecting Kapaun so I hope you tell us in May that a new baby is coming to our family."  His words were music to my ears.  I want very few things more than to know our children understand the value of each human life.  What a sweet boy he is. 

We were reminding the kids again about the devotion of Five first Saturdays last night.  Dominic, who is extra aware of his eternal soul, made sure to get all the details correct.  This morning, he along with his sisters made sure to get to mass.  We had plans this afternoon and he was a little concerned he wouldn't make it to confession at four o'clock as that is part of the promise.  When I got up from my nap, Dominic and Lillie had both walked over to confession on their own.  Dominic told me later very excitedly that he went to mass, said his rosary, went to confession, and spent 15 minutes in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  How he must make Our Lord smile as I am often so in awe of him.  Thank you always for the gifts of these children.


  1. Your son Dominic, reminds me of St. Dominic Savio. If you are looking for a good book about a child saint, I recommend "The Life of Dominic Savio" written by St. John Bosco!

  2. Dominic's words are so beautiful. I love his anticipation to have another sibling. I wish the rest of the world felt this way. He is such a beautiful example for others.

  3. Dominic is a treasure, and how wonderful that they can walk over to the church. We once rented a house 2 blocks away from the church and it was such a blessing to get to walk back and forth to Mass and all the other activities taking place there.

  4. Your kids are great and I am completely in awe at how much you have been able to encourage their faith.